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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cover Reveal: Laced In Malice

Happy Sunday, guys! Next week will be pretty exciting on the blog with snips from my new book and the announcement for the 10/17 giveaway winners and maybe even a new contest, so make sure you check back! Today, I'm posting the cover for Riley Gray's book. Laced In Malice is awesome--I'm reading it now and can't say enough wonderful things about it. Here's the cover art:

And here's the blurb:

Behind the creepy castle like exterior of Birchtree academy is the sound of gossip, back stabbing and malice. When Zara’s dad takes on the new principle job at the elite boarding school, Zara knows she’ll be an outsider. She dreams of true love and marriage instead of possible frenemies and secrets. Definitely not Birchtree material.

In the cusp of everything are the twins. Oliver and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Nixon are renowned for their different – yet equally effective – methods of torture. And both have their eyes set on goody, goody Zara. Oliver wants to date her and Lizzie wants to befriend her?

At first, Zara is caught in the Nixon’s spell, but it’s not long until cracks begin to show through their dazzling fa├žade. An anonymous email account, which targets students with their own secrets, has focused it’s energy on Zara using weapons only the Nixon’s could have provided. But have they turned on her? Is there a hidden agenda behind Lizzie’s interest in Zara? It’ll take four months, three warnings, two released sex tapes, and one dead body for Zara to finally learn the truth. And the truth can either destroy the boy she’s fallen for – and his twin sister – or save them both.

This one is going to be great, guys! 

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