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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 5: Teaser Thursday

This is a scene right before the "ten days" with Lucas begin. I hope you guys enjoy it!

“Ten days,” I muse aloud. I pad into the bathroom, shrugging out of the spaghetti strap tank top and shorts I wore to bed last night. The tips of my thumbs skim over the dampness in the skimpy pink shorts, and I shiver. “I’ve worked for Tomas for more than 10 months.” 
Of course, Tomas was a short, balding guy prone to temper tantrums and breaking things. Lucas Wolfe was a rock god with the ability to inspire spontaneous wetness just by me listening to him over Internet radio. Lucas Wolfe was a gorgeous and infuriating and unavoidable man prone to . . .
Dominant behavior.
            Pressing my forehead against the shower wall, I support myself with my forearm and let the downpour of water fall upon me, first icy cold and then so hot my skin screams. Neither really bothers me at all. My mind focuses on Lucas, on whether today and the nine following it will work well in my favor.
            I’m still thinking of Lucas when my fingertips glide inside of myself. I come quick and hard, telling myself that if I get it over now I won’t want him. I won’t let myself be sucked in by the inevitable that he swears by.
And damn me, he’s still on my mind as I send Brea a message, a brand new lie for yet another person I care about—Hey, I’m still alive. Still immune to Lucas’s charms. Still . . . well, you get the picture. Miss you.
I dress in the ankle pants, the cardigan, the camisole.
And I wear red underwear beneath them.

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  1. Ugh! I so can not wait to start reading this book!!!


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