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Friday, November 23, 2012

Interview Time: Introducing Riff!

You guys, today, I have a very special (and so effing sexy) guest. Please welcome Riff from the band Black Falcon. *Pats couch* Can I get you anything to make you feel more comfortable? Something to drink? A snack? Me in your bed? *Raises eyebrow and nudges Riff's shoulder*

Riff: Oh, I like you. You're a feisty thing, aren't you? *Grins devilishly, slides next to Emily and throws an arm across the back of the couch* Exactly what did you have in mind?

Emily: *Blushes and fumbles with note cards. Slides just a little bit closer to Riff* Let me just say that I’ve been dying—and I do mean DYING—to get an interview with you. Tell me what it’s like being the lead guitarist of Black Falcon. I mean, I adore your band.

Riff: Being in Black Falcon is pretty fucking great. It has some serious perks. Like you, for instance. You're a definite perk.

Emily: How long have you been playing? First guitar? First rock concert? Did you ever want to do anything else besides music? I’m a nosy bitch and want to keep you here as long as possible.

Riff: Been playing since I was sixteen. I needed a good way to pick up chicks. Girls always drop their panties for guys in bands. *Winks at Emily*

Emily: So . . . I’m not sure if you know this or not, but you had me at Golden Ticket.  *Grins like the biggest fangirl who ever lived* Seriously, how the hell did you come up with those and how do I get one?

Riff: *Pulls out a Golden Ticket from his back pocket and waves it teasingly in front of Emily* Are you sure you're ready for this?

Emily: It’s that easy, huh? So now that I have one, we’ll eat Oreos together. That’s innocent enough, right?

Riff: *Shakes head* You have to earn Oreos from me.
Emily: Mmm . . . nice. I mean, on to the next question! I love tattoos and I know you have a LOT. *Takes off jacket* Can you tell me about your favorites and . . . your piercings?
Riff: Tattoos are my worst addiction. There's over thirty in all. This one. *Pulls up shirt and shows his chest* The one over my heart is my favorite. It's my sister Anna's name. She died in a car crash we were in as kids.  It means the most to me. *pulls shirt back down* Piercing, yeah, I've got a few. One here. *Points to bottom lip* And, of course you just saw that both of my nipples are done.  

Emily: You’ve got this totally wild personality. Is there a rocker who inspired the Riff the whole world knows? 

Riff: No rocker inspired me really to be who I am. Musically, sure, a ton of great bands inspired me, but I'm just me.

Emily: And this question I ask on behalf of readers everywhere: What’s a night with Riff like?

Riff: *Laughs* I can't give away all my secrets, Emily. That would make the value of the Golden Ticket go down.

Emily: Seriously? Are you kidding me? *Reaches grabby hands toward the Golden Ticket*
Quick Five
Last song you listened to? Last song? Hmmmmm. Hats Off to the Bulls by Chevelle.
Last thing you did? The very last thing I did before this interview, was picture you naked and think about how much fun you and I could have.
Plans for the evening? Plans? You would like to know about that, wouldn't you?
Next tattoo? I'm not sure about my next tat. I usually get them on a whim
Your phone number? And yes, I’m serious. *Slides over the Golden ticket* I don't give out my number, but I'll take yours.
Fuck yeah--I've got a golden ticket! I've got a sexy rocker in my . . .  well, you get it!
Emily: *Grabs Riffs hands and does the smolder* it has been a pleasure to interview you. Thank you so much for coming by. I’d love to have you stop again sometime very, very soon. *Kicks off shoes*

Riff: Maybe sooner than you think. *Wink*
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  1. I love this!! It totally cracks me up!!

  2. I freaking love this! I freaking love Riff!! *swoon* Any more of those golden tickets? ;)

  3. freaking AWESOME! golden ticket i waaaannntttt!!!!

  4. Awesomeness!!! I cannot wait for Riffs book!! He is Hilarious and HOT...Great Combination!! <3


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