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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A BIG Thank You and a Little Inspiration to Keep You Warm!

So, last Wednesday, I received a tweet from the wonderful Lauren Blakely congratulating me about making the 1/6/13 New York Times bestseller list. I quickly messaged her back, saying, You're joking, right? 
 She wasn't joking. TIDAL is #26 on the list here and I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

 Not only for reading my books, but for being so great by making collages for my characters, sending me hilarious, screwed-up eCards and pictures of hot guys on Facebook, and for telling people about my books. You guys have made my dreams come true and you rock!

Now, I've gotten quite a few emails about why I chose to set TIDAL in Hawaii and the reason why is . . . it's really cold where I live right now. Writing about Honolulu let me escape from 30 degree weather to sand, surf, and the scent of sunblock. Plus, I've never been to Hawaii--though I've always wanted to--and it was fun to let my imagination take me somewhere new. Since it's still cold as hell here, and I'm still craving a trip to Hawaii, I thought I'd share some of my warm weather inspiration:

Cockroach Cove


And a Tidal-inspired collage made by the incredible Abbie Dauenheimer:

So what about you guys? What incredible destination have you always wanted to visit?


  1. Phuket Thailand ... Someday I'll get there.


  2. Congrats to you! You’re a wonderful author and I have enjoyed reading your books! To answer your question, I have always wanted to visit Ireland. I will get there someday; I just have to get over my fear of flying

  3. London! Or really any place tropical like Fiji

  4. I have always day dreamed about Bora Bora and just chillin in one of those freakin tiny huts with decks that lead out into the water. How cool...


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