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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Release Day to Melody Grace!

Morning, everyone! Today is my friend Melody Grace's release date for her New Adult debut, UNBROKEN! To celebrate, she's stopped by my blog for a Q&A. 

Here's the blurb:

"Mom always told me there are two kinds of love in this world: the steady breeze, and the hurricane. Emerson Ray was my hurricane…" 
Juliet McKenzie was an innocent eighteen-year old when she spent the summer in Cedar Cove—and fell head over heels in love with Emerson. Complicated, intense Emerson, the local bad boy. His blue eyes hid dark secrets, and just one touch could set Juliet ablaze. Their love was demanding and all-consuming, but when summer ended, tragedy tore them apart. Juliet swore she’d never go back, and she’s kept that promise… Until now. 
Four years later, Juliet’s done her best to rebuild the wreckage of her shattered life. She’s got a great boyfriend, and a steady job planned after she graduates. Returning to Cedar Cove to pack up her family’s beach house to prepare it for sale, Juliet is determined that nothing will stand in the way of her future. But one look from Emerson, and all her old desire comes flooding back. He let her go once, but this time, he’s not giving up without a fight. And Emerson fights dirty. 
A heartbreaking history. An unstoppable passion. Torn between her past and future, Juliet struggles to separate love from desire. But will they find a way to overcome their tragic secrets—together? And after so much damage has been done, can a love remain unbroken? 
*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. 17+*

And here's the scoop on UNBROKEN:

Your debut new adult romance UNBROKEN is out today. Tell us a little more about it.

Hi Emily, thanks so much for having me stop by!
Unbroken is the epic story of Juliet and Emerson… She spent the summer in Cedar Cove when she was 18, and they fell passionately in love. But tragedy tore them apart, and she left town at the end of summer, swearing she’d never come back. Now Juliet is just a few months off graduating college, and she’s forced back to Cedar Cove to pack up the family beach house and put it on the market. She’s determined nothing will stand in the way of the future she has planned, but Emerson is still in town, and he’s determined not to let her get away again...

What was the inspiration behind the book?

I love books about The One That Got Away. I think there’s something so powerful about first loves, that we carry with us for the rest of our lives, so I wanted to write about a girl who fell in love when she was younger, but it left a deep scar she’s never quite healed.
Juliet has done her best to build her life from nothing since that summer: she’s on the edge of adulthood and her whole future now, but her heart keeps pulling her back to Emerson. The book is about that struggle we all feel between past and future, and following the sensible path versus giving in to our passion.

Tell us more about yourself. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Some random facts about me: I’m 27, originally from a small town out in the middle of nowhere, but I recently decided to pack up and move to Southern California, and I love it here! The weather, the beaches… the hot surfer guys ;) I listen to country music in the car, but indie/rock at home. I love to bake (and, umm, eat said baking), I’m addicted to home design blogs on pinterest, and I’m just a little bit obsessive about The Vampire Diaries on TV.
And yes, I always wanted to write, because I’ve always loved to read. I was the kid with her nose in a book, and three more stashed in my oh-so-stylish My Little Pony backpack. Bookworm for life!  

What drew you to writing New Adult?

I love NA, because I can relate so much to the stories and characters. The genre is all about finding yourself, and figuring out who you are as you cross over from being a teen to an adult. Even though I’m older, and supposed to be grown-up now, I still really connect with those stories about discovering life, and love, and relationships—when everything is so heightened, and passionate. NA is all about the emotions, the connection between the characters, and I adore trying to capture that in my work.
And I love writing the romance and sexier parts too, when you have two characters who just can’t stay away from each other ;)

Speaking of sexy… did you have any challenges writing the steamy scenes in Unbroken?

I was a little nervous at first, because the intimacy of the sex scenes is so important for understanding the power Emerson has over Juliet: I needed their chemistry to be off the charts! For me as a reader, great sex scenes are the ones that sweep you up in their passion, so you feel the emotions of their relationship as well as the physical lust. But once I got into the writing, everything came really naturally: the characters took over and went wild, it was so much fun.
I do a lot of my writing in Starbucks, and I felt so naughty writing about their erotic moments, with people sitting all around me!

Quick-fire round:

Favorite song: Right now it’s a tie between ‘All Too Well’ by Taylor Swift, and the new Fall Out Boy track, ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’.
Favorite TV shows: The Vampire Diaries and The Good Wife.
Favorite Movie: Romeo + Juliet, the modern version with Leo and Clare Danes. I must have seen it a hundred times over!
Celeb you want to date: Ryan Gosling, a classic, but true!
Must-have luxury: My e-reader.
Favorite color: Indigo blue.
Must-have make-up: Rose-tinted lip balm. Yum!
Dream vacation: Ooh, a tropical beach somewhere, laying under a palm tree sipping something fruity.
Bad boys or nice guys: In my books? Bad. I have a thing for alphas, so the badder the better.
Team Damon or Team Stefan: DAMON. Obviously!

Thanks so much for having me, Emily!


Snag your copy of UNBROKEN today:

And find Melody Grace online and wish her a happy release day!

Twitter: @melody_grace_


  1. Congratulations Melody! I got my copy and I'm super excited to start it!

  2. Ok this gave me chills! Definitely going on my TBR list! AND the fact that she would date Ryan Gosling, pretty much a no brainer! WOOT WOOT!

  3. This look so good can't wait to read it

  4. Wreck Me and Forever My Girl are in my top 3 they are both equally amazing!!!!


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