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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sexy Sunday Snip!

It's been a long time since I posted a Sexy Sunday Snip, so with 10 days to go for Savor You I figured I better make the most of this Sunday and next. I hope everyone enjoys this! :) 


“God, Ky . . .”

The sound of Wyatt’s voice immediately snaps me awake, but it takes a moment, which I spend with my eyes squeezed tightly together, to realize that he’s talking to me.  At some point in the night, he’d closed the tiny amount of space between our bodies. He’d wrapped his arm loosely around my waist and thrown one of his long legs across my own legs. And he’d gotten rid of his boxers so that I’d wake up to his very bare and, as much as I hate to admit it, incredibly epic dick hard against my stomach.


“Kylie,” he says again in a low, urgent voice.

“Hmm?” I whisper. When he doesn’t rush to tell me why he’s waking me up before the sun even rises, I start to drag my eyes open. “Wyatt, what the—” My words catch in the back of my throat.

He’s asleep.

Wyatt is asleep and he’s saying my name desperately, hopelessly. Perfectly.

Call it cliché, but when the man you’ve loved for years, the heavy sleeper that you’re just a few days away from walking away from for good, calls out your name in his sleep, you’ve got no other choice but to react.

“Hey, you okay?” I place my fingers around his shoulder and nudge him back and forth. He grinds his hips, causing the mattress to squeak. My lips part and something that sounds like a growl mixed with a moan comes out. What the hell is this man trying to do to me? “Wyatt?”

Though his eyes remain closed, I know the second he wakes up because he draws in a deep breath through his nose. “I’m fine,” he says roughly as he exhales. He takes his hand away from my waist and moves it to my wrist. As he brings my fingers from his shoulder, he continues, “I’m fine but sleeping with you like this is fucking me up.”

Pressing my palm to his erection, he closes my fingers one by one around his cock. Finally, he opens his blue eyes. The back of my throat constricts and, inadvertently, I tighten my grip on him. The side of his mouth with the labret pulls up into a wicked, beautiful grin. “We’ve slept long enough, Ky.” 

Copyright © 2013 Emily Snow.
All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without written permission.


  1. Emily, who is Wyatt & Kylie? I dont remember those names from any of the books i have from you.

    1. Kylie is Lucas sister from the book Devoured..

  2. Daisy, Kylie is Lucas Wolfe's younger sister (and his assistant) and Wyatt is Lucas's band mate. :)

  3. Now that was quite a way to wake up. Hot! Love it!

  4. OMG you're killing me. I can't wait for Savor You and Consumed!

  5. Love it Emily! I've been checking literally everybday to see if I can preorder like your other book. I am devoted. You could rewrite the phone book and I'd stay awake allnight reading it. Thanks for the teasers!

  6. Loving it, can't wait for the whole book! <3

  7. Love it, Emily, can't wait for the whole book! <3

  8. God!! Why can't June 10 arrive fast? Really can't wait! I just really hope they can find their happy ending :)

  9. Looking forward the reading this book.Can't wait.

  10. Can't wait. Looking forward to reading about Kylie and Wyatt.Love them in the Devoured series.

  11. Looking forward the reading this book.Can't wait.


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