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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The CONSUMED Pre-Order Challenge!

CONSUMED is coming in SIX weeks!!!! 

Have you Pre-Ordered it yet? Email the following email address: CONSUMEDBYEMILYSNOW@GMAIL.COM and get automatically entered to win Your Toxic Sequel and Devoured swag, character naming rights, and a super secret prize. And check back here early next week for a special Lucas-related announcement.

The pre-order campaign is open to EVERYONE who has pre-ordered CONSUMED - whether it was five minutes ago or five months ago. :) If you can't find your receipt and you pre-ordered via Amazon, go to the Consumed order page on At the top of the page there's an Instant Order Update. Click on it and it will take you to the order summary that you'll need to take a screen print of. If you pre-ordered via Barnes and Noble, go to Order Status at the top of that website's page. You'll be able to find the Consumed pre-order by searching through the Order History. Once you locate the order summary, take a screen print and shoot an email to the address above!

Thanks again for all your support, guys. You all are absolutely amazing!


Barnes and Noble:


  1. I just sent my picture of my preorder. I had this preordered in March. I need to look at this blog a little more often. I didn't know that the contest was running.


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