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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Once again, thank you to everyone who's been following along with this serial. There are 2 parts of ABSORBED in Kylie (Lucas's sister) POV. This is the first one, and I hope you enjoy it! 

Chapter Seven
Kylie Wolfe

I’ve spent enough time with my older brother to know precisely when he’s lying to me. Lucas is usually too direct for his own damn good, so it’s easy to pick up when he’s being an evasive bull-shitter. When Brenna and I left his house yesterday afternoon, I was certain that he came home after drinking the night before—and after seeing Sienna with another man—by himself. Even if he’d wanted to get Sienna out of his system, or get back at her, he hadn’t slept with someone else.
I’d seen it in his eyes when he told me that she moved on, and that along with hearing the break in his voice had made my heart skip a beat.

My brother is in love. Chaotic, painful, heartbreaking love with a woman who loves him back. They’re in love, and they’re not doing shit about it.

And I hate that they’re not—hell, probably just as much as Lucas himself. It’s ate at me since the time I left Lucas’s place yesterday to this morning, and I’m on the verge of calling him out the moment I show up to work. I’ve got my rant prepared. I’m even ready to hear him throw my own shit into my face.

Except, after I let myself into Lucas’s house, and I find him in his infamous music room with his notebook beside of him and his acoustic guitar pulled out, I find the words I was going to say getting caught in the back of my throat.

I stand in the doorway, listening intently as he strums his Gibson and sings along, his voice so quiet that I can’t hear just what he’s saying. What I do know right away is that it’s a love song. And I can almost guarantee that it’s for her.

Lucas plays a few more notes and then sits the guitar to the side. He scribbles something—probably lyrics—inside of his notebook and then lifts his gaze to mine, staring me down with expectant hazel eyes. “You’ve got something on your mind, Ky.”

“You’re writing her a song.” I walk inside the room and sit down across from him. I lean closer to the ottoman that’s separating us in hopes that I’ll be able to get a good look at what he’s working on before he tells me to fuck off. He places the notebook in front of me and slides it in my direction until it bumps against my knees. My mouth literally drops open. “You want me to read it?”

One of Lucas’s dark eyebrows jerks up, and he shakes his head slowly. “No shit.”

Keeping my gaze on his, I grip either side of the notebook. “Are you finished with it?”
At first he nods, but then he pauses and shakes his head, causing his shaggy dark hair to fall into his eyes. “Just about. Made a few calls this morning. Trying to get it on the solo project, so I’m going to bust my fucking balls finishing it up.”

The last time Lucas had me take a look at one of his songs before it was finished he scrapped the entire damn thing claiming he’d finish later. I absolutely refuse to let this song receive that same fate, especially if he plans to release it on his solo album. I push the notebook back toward my brother. “Then maybe you should wait and—”

Shaking his head, he grabs my hands. “Just read the fucking song, Kylie.”

I keep my eye on him as I sit back in my chair until the cushions mold against my back. When I don’t look away, he jabs his finger at the music I’m holding.

“Ten Days,” I read aloud. It’s a fitting title considering the terms of Lucas’s agreement with Sienna, but I don’t offer any useless commentary as I read the lyrics carefully. My brother’s written plenty of angsty songs that have completely pulled me in, but this is the first time that I feel physical pain in my chest. He’s apologizing, and it’s raw and real, but he’s also making demands
He’s telling her that they’re not finished, no matter what has happened between them.

When I’m done, I lean forward and carefully place the lyrics down on the ottoman. I remain sitting like this, with my elbows on my thighs, staring down at the hastily written words on the page until they all blur together.

“Wow,” I finally murmur.

“You sound surprised.”

I drag my brown eyes up to his. The look on his face is familiar. It’s not the cockiness that usually makes me want to knee my older brother in the groin but confidence that I haven’t seen often since he returned from Atlanta without Sienna. No, I’m not surprised.

“I’m impressed,” I tell him.

He grins. “Fan-fucking-tastic.”

While Lucas gets back to work, he gives me the first bit of work I’ve done in days: verifying the flight and hotel arrangements for an awards show that Your Toxic Sequel is supposed to be presenting at next month. I don’t tell him that I checked up on the details of the event not even a week ago because I don’t want a repeat of any of the bad luck we’ve had this year with traveling.
I’m just about to leave the little office that I use when I come in to help Lucas out when I see the copy of the paperwork from the house Lucas had bought in Nashville. Sienna’s grandmother’s house. The papers are trapped beneath a paperweight shaped like a guitar, and at first, I consider leaving them down here and not even touching them.

But as I open up the office door to go back downstairs, I hear the sound of Lucas’s guitar as it strums through the chords of Sienna’s song once again. I hear hopefulness and need and love. And as my eyes land on the top sheet of the paperwork—the contact sheet—I realize what I need to do.

When I say that I’m leaving for the day and that I’ll come back tomorrow, Lucas is so consumed by his music that he barely acknowledges me. He doesn’t even glance up at me when I come right out and say that I’m going to get Sienna’s address.

So when I call her grandmother as I drive home, I convince myself that I’m making the right decision and that Lucas’s doesn’t mind at all.

Look for Part 9 in Lucas's POV very late this weekend (Sunday night)! 


  1. So loved it. Can't wait for more!!

  2. So loved it. Can't wait for more!!

  3. So loved it. Can't wait for more!!

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    Thanks, Emily. This will get me through the weekend with my in-laws.

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