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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recent Questions (Including "Where is Consumed?")

Hi guys! I thought I'd make a quick post about where things are with Consumed. As many of you all know it was available for about 5 days on several of the big sites in early January, but had to be taken down due to additional rights issues, and I've removed it from my blog as well until all those issues are resolved. I promise that as soon as it's available to go back up, you all will be the first to know, and I'm hopeful that will be sooner rather than later. I've had questions asking if it was gone forever, and that answer is no. I've also seen a few people ask if I purposely took it down and that answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT (although I did remove the purchase option from my blog) . More than anything, I want the book in your hands and I've spent many nights fretting over this and many days being unable to write because I've been so worried over Consumed. For those of you who purchased the book from my blog at any point that find that you have download issues, please email me at (, which was the email address listed by the download link) so we can resolve.

I've also been asked what I'm working on next. I've got a few books that I'm working on, including WRECKED (standalone new adult), UNCOVERED (standalone romance), and DAMAGING ME (Savor Us volume 2 - Sinjin's story). The first of those that will be released is WRECKED. I'm hesitant to commit to release dates until I receive the manuscript back from the freelance editor I've hired, but I can tell you that it will release in March 2014 (the moment it comes back from editing I'll announce an official date). The synopsis and cover for that one is on Goodreads, and I'll also be posting the first chapter on Thursday of this week. To stay up to date on all my releases, sign up for my Newsletter ( You can also join my YTS Support Group on Facebook for extra teasers, etc.

Next, I've been asked what events I'll be going to this year. I should be updating these on my blog and website soon and I'll post the links here the moment Some of the places I'll be visiting are: Charleston, Louisville, Knoxville, Orlando, and New York (and other amazing cities, too).

Sorry this post was so long, but I wanted to catch everyone up! As always, thank you ALL for your support and for reading my books. :)

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