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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Completed: Chapter Seven

Warning: The following scene contains adult content.

Completed: a Devoured novella
Chapter Seven

“Fuck, I’ve thought of you all day,” he murmurs, dropping his strong hands from my face. Watching his naked body closely, I hold my breath as he joins me in the bathtub. Even though it’s one of those giant, luxury tubs, Lucas is so tall I’m almost afraid it won’t work. Somehow, after a little maneuvering and splashing, not only are we both inside, he’s pulled me on top of him.

I tighten my legs around either side of him and close my eyes. “We’re going to flood the floor,” I warn with a small smile, shivering a moment later when he settles me against his chest and traces his full lips along my collarbone. I hear more water splash onto the tile, and I grip Lucas’ broad shoulders. “Mr. Wolfe, we are seriously going to—”

“That mouth of yours,” he groans against my slick skin as he covers my lips with his thumb. He takes advantage of my temporary silence and uses his mouth and tongue to make a deliciously hot path from the column of my throat to my breasts. For every moan that slips past my lips, he strokes his finger over my mouth, circles the tip of his tongue over my skin.

And damn, does this man have a talented tongue.

If you ask me, it’s right up there with his singing.

When he laughs softly, I slowly open my eyes, meeting his hazel gaze. He’s looking at me appreciatively—a look that makes me forget how many women want him because it’s obvious he’s exactly where he wants to be. He moves his hand from my mouth, winding his fingers gently in the hair at the nape of my neck, and electricity bursts down my spine.

“Hell, I haven’t even gotten to the good part, and you’re trembling.”

I shift my hips against him, feeling a wave of smug satisfaction at the way his body goes completely taut. “Next time,” I start teasingly, reaching between us to guide him to me. “Make sure you’re not going to have a similar reaction before you talk crap.”

But when he jerks my hips down, and I feel every inch of him inside my body, I gasp and shiver again. A cocky grin splits his face. “I can talk all the shit I want, Red. If you’re trembling now, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do once I get you in my bed.”

I process his words as he rocks my body against his, and release a little noise from the back of my throat as his calloused fingers squeeze my breast. Flames consume my body, and I know that I must be red all over. With our bodies intertwined, and the sound of the water splashing around us, I don’t care what I look like. I only care about him. This moment. Whatever is to come.

A few feet away, I hear my phone vibrating, but I ignore it, focusing instead on Lucas’ hands on my body—one cupping my breast and the other on my hip, guiding our bodies together in a beautifully sensual rhythm that steals my breath and my ability to think clearly away.

My hands are shaking when I bring them to his face. He smiles at me again, but this time, the cockiness has been replaced with a softness that leaves me dizzy. “I love you,” I tell him, racing my hands through his thick dark hair. “I love you so much.”

Slowing the tempo of our bodies, he murmurs his agreement before his lips cover mine. One of my friends had told me that after awhile the fireworks would stop. That I wouldn’t feel that tightness in my chest or the pull in my stomach when we touch or when our tongues meet, but I know they’re wrong.

They have to be.

I don’t think this feeling will ever stop.

“Sienna.” His rough voice breaks through my thoughts, and my body jolts when I feel his long fingers between us, and his thumb grinding a slow, agonizing—incredible—circle around my swollen flesh. “You were gritting your teeth.”

He hates it when I do that, but right now it’s pretty damn impossible not to. Already, I can feel the orgasm building, curling my toes, and I know I won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Not with his fingers being where they are or the way our bodies are crashing together.

“I was gritting my teeth and this is my punishment?” I manage to get out between the strokes and pumps. When he nods, I drop my forehead against his muscular shoulder. He doesn’t immediately respond but a moment later, at the sound of my teeth grinding again, he picks up speed.

The orgasm hits me fast and hard, and I’m still breathing heavily and holding on to him when he lets go, his body stiffening against mine as he pumps into me once, twice more. We stay quiet for a long time, until he gives my ass a little smack. Finally, he says, “I think we flooded the fucking bathroom.”

Sighing, I lean away from him. “Told you so.”

He’s laughing as I get out the tub and drop a couple of towels on the mess we made. As I wrap myself in a plush towel and use my feet to push around the linens on the wet floor, he watches me with a wide grin. “I would’ve cleaned that up.”

“Uh huh,” I say, shifting my eyebrow as I check my phone. “Seth called.”

“Maybe he’s not avoiding you.”

“Maybe, or maybe—” But my words catch in my throat as I see the text message Seth left for me. It’s short and to the point, but it’s still enough to make my blood run cold.

Gram is at Vandy. Chest pains. Call ASAP.

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