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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ravaged Chapter Three

Chapter Three

It takes Kylie a handful of hours to work her magic, but she doesn't let me know just what it is she tells Sienna to convince her to meet for dinner. Instead, my sister gives me a time and a place—fondue, even though Kylie hates the stuff—and a withering look. "Thank you, Lucas, for always making me the villain," she says, crossing her arms over her chest. 
"You're just the middle man," I remind her.
She lets the words sink in and then moves her head up and down. "Yeah, well we already know you're an asshole."
I've pissed her off, but I'll take it. 
I'll take whatever it is she's got to say to me, just as long as it means I get Red. 
Even though Kylie explicitly asks me not to show up at the restaurant while she's there with Sienna, I go anyway. Now that Red's back in my atmosphere, it would take an army to keep me away from her. I'm already at the restaurant, nursing a Sam Adams and reading through the shittiest lyrics I've ever written, when they come in. Watching her follow behind my sister, I swear I can almost smell that apple scent that always floats around her and my throat tightens with need. I fucking hate myself. Hate that I let her go before. Hate that it was her grandmother's house I bid on. 
But if I hadn't, we wouldn't be where we are tonight. I wouldn't have had the chance to try to make it right—what happened two years ago and the house situation.
Sienna's head is down, red hair falling around her face, so she doesn't see me as she slides into the booth and looks up to thank the hostess for the menu, but my sister immediately spots me. Kylie does a double-take and mouths, "Hard-headed bastard."
It's not the first time she's called me that and it sure as fuck won't be the last.
Smirking, I motion my hand for her to carry on, to just get it done, and her face flushes a few shades of red. Then she plops down, focuses her attention on Sienna and pretends I don't exist. Which works fine if she accomplishes what I've asked her to do. If she convinces Sienna what a good idea it is to work for me for the next ten days.
While they speak, I do my best to fix the clusterfuck I've written, but it's hard to concentrate. Fuck, a saint wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything but the woman sitting on the other side of the restaurant. I find my gaze constantly being drawn to the back of Sienna's head. She rubs the back of her neck every now and then, pushing her hair out of the way, making my fingers spasm like she's the first woman I've ever dreamt about touching. I find my thoughts on her, not the music, not the drink that's slowly going flat because there's only one thing I'm hungry or thirsty for and it ain't beer. I wonder what's being said. Realize that my gut is clenched and something bangs on my chest because the anticipation is killing me. 
When a waitress comes over to ask me if I want another drink, I realize something else: Red's looking at me now. She's turned around in the booth, her blue eyes wide, full lips parted. My cock jerks because surprise on her is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. 
The waitress is saying something else to me, flipping her hair and filling my senses with the scent of too much perfume, but I'm not listening. There's only one woman in this room who's commanding my attention, and she's already stumbling to get out of the booth, wearing that trapped expression like she's about to take off and leave. That's abso-fucking-lutely not going to happen. Not until she hears me out. 
She freezes when I stand up, her chest rising and falling rapidly the closer I get to their table. By the time I reach her, she's added in the teeth clenching, too. The shit that's always drove me crazy when other people do it and just a little wild when it comes from the mouth of Sienna Jensen. 
I grin. "I'm going to have dinner with you, Sienna."
And by the time this is over, I'll have so much more.
Dinner with Sienna is a reminder of how much she's changed from the girl I met on the set of the "All Over You" music video. I had read her wrong. Had expected that she'd jump at the opportunity to save her grandmother's house, but after my sister excuses herself to go to the restaurant across the street, Sienna just warily stares at me. Like I'm a sex fiend. She asks a million questions, none of them necessarily working out in my favor. Then she offers me another skeptical look that tells me she might not jump into my arms as quickly as I'd hoped.
"No making me do sexual favors?" she demands for the second time tonight, though this time her voice is shaky. Because I've just touched her. Leaned across the booth and traced my fingertip over her warm lips. Felt the blood pump straight to my dick when her tongue automatically flicked out over the pad of my thumb. The fact she can barely speak is the only thing that's giving me some hope right now. It makes me think she feels everything I'm feeling.
I start to point that out, but then I stop myself. Grin. And her big blue eyes go wide again. 
I don't think I'll ever get enough of watching her do that. Of shocking her. Of watching that flush work its way over her creamy skin.
"Oh, we'll fuck, Sienna," I tell her, and her cheeks grow pinker. Fuck, she's so perfect. "Believe me, it's been bound to happen since I first laid eyes on you. But this time it's going to be because you beg me, not the other way around." 
I mean every word of it, even if my cock's yelling at me to pursue her now. There's nothing I want more in this world right now than to find myself balls deep inside of Sienna Jensen, but I want her to say the word. I want her to be the one to give me everything.
Breathing heavily, she slams her back against the other side of the booth. When she finally looks up at me, head tilted to one side and lips pinched together like she's considering everything I've said, I give her my number and a time. 
Nine tomorrow night. 
I tell her the offer is on the table for twenty-four hours.
It only takes her sixteen to get back to me and accept my terms.

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