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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

His Pawn is Free on Kindle Unlimited!

The media calls him the "sexy senator."

Cold, wickedly handsome, and too cocky for his own good, he gets what he wants with filthy promises and a smirk.

I had no plan to be that girl.

But that was before he found out my secret.

Before he made me a proposition--one semester. Anything goes. And my problem would go away.

"I'm a politician, Ms. Courtney. Twisting the truth is in my DNA."

I should have left when he said that.

I didn't. Because I couldn't get enough of the way he possessed my body, my heart, my soul.

My name is Elle Courtney, but Graham Delaney--he called me his dove. He should have called me his pawn.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited 

What Reviewers are saying: 

"I'm not sure I can write about His Pawn without blushing and needing to fan myself, because this romance is deliciously naughty and scorching hot. Graham begins their relationship with an unscrupulous agenda, he's brought to his knees by love, and he's one of the most enthralling and memorable antiheroes that I've ever read." -Mary Dubé, USA Today HEA

"Politics. Sex. And all the angst. I couldn't put it down. Like reality tv but so much hotter!" -#1 NYT Bestseller Rachel Van Dyken

"Emily blow me away with your talent. HIS PAWN is FIVE SCORCHING STARS ALL THE WAY!" -WSJ Bestseller Ilsa Madden-Mills