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I’d love to read the DEVOURED books, but I’m not sure of the reading order. What do you suggest?

I’m thrilled to hear you want to read my books!  You can find the DEVOURED reading order here:

Where can I find your books? 

Here's a link to where you can find all of my books:

I pre-ordered CONSUMED several months ago, and I found out it was just released. Why was the file not delivered to my ebook reader?

Please note that any pre-orders for Consumed (the version with the blue cover) will no longer be delivered due to a change in publishing status; therefore, this book won’t automatically show up on your eBook reader. You have not been charged for any pre-orders made (vendors do a pre-authorization but don't actually charge until the book is delivered to you) however, sites also accept cancellations if your pre-order hasn’t already been automatically cancelled.

In order to read the book, you will need to re-purchase it from the eBook vendor of your choice, but you will not be charged twice.

So sorry about any inconvenience!

Will Lucas’s secret be revealed in CONSUMED?


I’ve heard a lot about ABSORBED. What exactly is it?

ABSORBED is a FREE weekly mini-serial written in Lucas's POV. It takes place between the end of Devoured: Chapter 19 (the Atlanta chapter) and the very start of Consumed, and will be published on Emily Snow's blog and website from August 16 through October 14. CONSUMED will be released in eBook format from Touchstone Books on October 15.

How many "parts" of ABSORBED are there?

There were originally supposed to be 9, but after Consumed was delayed, I decided to make it longer. There will be 15 parts of Absorbed. 

I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog—can you donate a book or some swag to it?

Please send me an email at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a response!

What is your next book?

After CONSUMED is released, I have a new adult called LUCKY ME, which will be released from Touchstone Books. It was previously called STACKED, and if you look back through old posts, there’s a teaser of it on the blog.

I’ll also be working on another new adult novel that is currently untitled in addition to a book about another Your Toxic Sequel band member (Savor Us series volume 2).

Can I have an ARC or review copy of your next book?

I am not in charge of sending out ARCs of my traditionally published books, but if you’re interested in  my self-published ARC list, please fill out this Google Document. I usually send out 25 to 30 early review copies when I release an indie book. 

What signings will you be at in 2014? 

I'll be posting a list of 2014 signings in mid-October. The first 2014 signing will be in New Orleans during the last weekend of January.

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  1. Hi Emily, wondering if you posted All Over You here? Really wanna read it.


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