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DEVOURED Reading Order

1. ALL OVER YOU: The Devoured Series 0.5 (This is the novella prequel to Devoured. You can read this before or after Devoured to understand Lucas Wolfe's motivations in the novel)

2. DEVOURED: The Devoured Series 1

3. ABSORBED: The Devoured Series 1.5 (This is a bonus mini-serial that I've been posting for free on my blog for fans of the series. It takes place during the gap of time after Lucas and Sienna go to Atlanta in Devoured and the Epilogue of the novel. It's told from Lucas's POV. It was originally meant to be 9 parts but I'm making it longer so that the last part will be released right before Consumed). You can find links to each part of ABSORBED here:

4. CONSUMED: The Devoured Series 2 (This will release in October)

*I've received several messages about SAVOR YOU, the book I wrote about Lucas's sister Kylie. This book takes place during the events of DEVOURED (The Devoured Series 1.0). I know a few of you that have read this book are wondering about a certain scene that takes place in the end of Devoured, but I promise you that ABSORBED (the free serial) clears this up as well. This book is currently priced at $0.99 and will stay there for another two weeks to prepare for the release of CONSUMED.


  1. Read them all..... Fabulous & I can't wait for consumed. !!!!

  2. Is Consumed being released in October? My local bookstore has it coming out in April/2014???

  3. Just finished Savor You and would LOVE more of Kylie and Wyatt! I was surprised at how much I loved it! I am sooooo very anxious for Consumed as well!

  4. Hi Emily! Amazing books, loved them all!

    Will you be continuing with the Savor You series? or was it just a one time deal ?


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