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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sunday Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to Kristen Teaff and Nikki Sparks (email participant). You guys are the winners of the last giveaway for Rock the Heart, Come Away with Me, and Broken in addition to a ticket to see Breaking Dawn!!! Emailing you ladies shortly. Thanks so much to everyone who participated and check back soon for another giveaway. -Emily

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I mentioned this to quite a few people yesterday but I wanted to make an "official announcement." Unfortunately, the dates for my upcoming books have been postponed. TIDAL won't be released until 12/14 and ALL OVER YOU (the Devoured novella which will still be totally FREE) is looking at hopefully a Christmas release. Hopefully. Sorry, guys . . . I'll be giving away ebooks I LOVE on my blog (and on my Facebook page) all weekend. Also check out the Devoured blog tour for a chance to win yet another gift card! You guys rock and once again, I apologize for the delay! -Emily

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Devoured Blog Tour Kicks Off!

Good morning guys! It's day 1 of the Devoured blog tour organized by Taryn at My Secret Romance Book Reviews! Head over and check out our interview and enter for a chance to win a gift card.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sexy Sunday Snip: TIDAL

Only a few more of these before release day on 12/7!  I hope you enjoy!

“You’ve got guests,” I said as we walked further up the beach, away from the noise. Away from the lights and his friends and his house. Away from turning back.

“It’s my party.”

“And you’re leaving it to break your rule about clients,” I pointed out.

He froze, and my lips dragged up into a satisfied smile. Cool and calm and collected Surfer Boy was frazzled because of something I’d said. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long. Tightening his grip on my fingers, he turned to face me, keeping each movement controlled. His lips parted, and I expected him to question me like he always did, to ask me if he was what I really wanted. Instead, he slid his free hand behind me, splaying his hand on my back to jerk me to him.

Everything touched—our bodies and lips and tongues. He smelled like coconut and salt water, and more than anything I wanted that scent on my own bare skin. I was hardly aware when he took me down with him to the sand, pulling me on top of him.

Breaking away from his mouth, I whispered, “I don’t do this a lot.” He cupped my face, tangling his fingers into stray strands of my hair and gazed up into my green eyes.

“I know.”

“Cooper, I’m not going to fuck—not out here.”

“Jesus, Wills, this has been building up between us for days. The last place we’re going to tear each other apart is right here, in the sand, with twenty people close enough to hear you when I make you come,” he whispered in a harsh voice, hushing my gasp with his tongue, his lips, before it even had a chance to surface.

When I came up for air this time, I tightened my knees against his sides and raked my fingers through his blonde hair. He squeezed my bottom and grinned, but it wasn’t easy-going or teasing, like usual. It was brimming with frustration.

“You never talked to me like this before,” I said.

“You coming here tonight was a game-changer."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Interview Time: Introducing Riff!

You guys, today, I have a very special (and so effing sexy) guest. Please welcome Riff from the band Black Falcon. *Pats couch* Can I get you anything to make you feel more comfortable? Something to drink? A snack? Me in your bed? *Raises eyebrow and nudges Riff's shoulder*

Riff: Oh, I like you. You're a feisty thing, aren't you? *Grins devilishly, slides next to Emily and throws an arm across the back of the couch* Exactly what did you have in mind?

Emily: *Blushes and fumbles with note cards. Slides just a little bit closer to Riff* Let me just say that I’ve been dying—and I do mean DYING—to get an interview with you. Tell me what it’s like being the lead guitarist of Black Falcon. I mean, I adore your band.

Riff: Being in Black Falcon is pretty fucking great. It has some serious perks. Like you, for instance. You're a definite perk.

Emily: How long have you been playing? First guitar? First rock concert? Did you ever want to do anything else besides music? I’m a nosy bitch and want to keep you here as long as possible.

Riff: Been playing since I was sixteen. I needed a good way to pick up chicks. Girls always drop their panties for guys in bands. *Winks at Emily*

Emily: So . . . I’m not sure if you know this or not, but you had me at Golden Ticket.  *Grins like the biggest fangirl who ever lived* Seriously, how the hell did you come up with those and how do I get one?

Riff: *Pulls out a Golden Ticket from his back pocket and waves it teasingly in front of Emily* Are you sure you're ready for this?

Emily: It’s that easy, huh? So now that I have one, we’ll eat Oreos together. That’s innocent enough, right?

Riff: *Shakes head* You have to earn Oreos from me.
Emily: Mmm . . . nice. I mean, on to the next question! I love tattoos and I know you have a LOT. *Takes off jacket* Can you tell me about your favorites and . . . your piercings?
Riff: Tattoos are my worst addiction. There's over thirty in all. This one. *Pulls up shirt and shows his chest* The one over my heart is my favorite. It's my sister Anna's name. She died in a car crash we were in as kids.  It means the most to me. *pulls shirt back down* Piercing, yeah, I've got a few. One here. *Points to bottom lip* And, of course you just saw that both of my nipples are done.  

Emily: You’ve got this totally wild personality. Is there a rocker who inspired the Riff the whole world knows? 

Riff: No rocker inspired me really to be who I am. Musically, sure, a ton of great bands inspired me, but I'm just me.

Emily: And this question I ask on behalf of readers everywhere: What’s a night with Riff like?

Riff: *Laughs* I can't give away all my secrets, Emily. That would make the value of the Golden Ticket go down.

Emily: Seriously? Are you kidding me? *Reaches grabby hands toward the Golden Ticket*
Quick Five
Last song you listened to? Last song? Hmmmmm. Hats Off to the Bulls by Chevelle.
Last thing you did? The very last thing I did before this interview, was picture you naked and think about how much fun you and I could have.
Plans for the evening? Plans? You would like to know about that, wouldn't you?
Next tattoo? I'm not sure about my next tat. I usually get them on a whim
Your phone number? And yes, I’m serious. *Slides over the Golden ticket* I don't give out my number, but I'll take yours.
Fuck yeah--I've got a golden ticket! I've got a sexy rocker in my . . .  well, you get it!
Emily: *Grabs Riffs hands and does the smolder* it has been a pleasure to interview you. Thank you so much for coming by. I’d love to have you stop again sometime very, very soon. *Kicks off shoes*

Riff: Maybe sooner than you think. *Wink*
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